Would you stay in a cheap motel when you can stay at a 5 star hotel for the same price, then…. Why settle with your horses?

When it comes to USDA Export and Isolation Facilities, Thebas Farm is the Ritz Carlton of the industry, located in Miami, Florida only 15 minutes from Miami International Airport in a quiet horse community.

The permanent USDA approved barn is a brand new state of the art facility. Over 22,000 Square Feet of barn, custom built stalls, twenty foot ceilings, open air and well ventilated. Thebas Farm brings world class accommodations, safety, tranquility, comfort, hygiene, and affordability together for your horses.

With over 50 years of combined experience in handling and exporting and shipping horses worldwide, Tony and Alex Alessandrini own and operate the export facility. Built in 2009, and over 2 years in planning and building. We took into consideration comments of professional grooms, owners, truckers, shipping agents, and staff that travel and ship horses worldwide on a daily basis…This facility is equipped to handle any type of accommodation.

We have a wide array of custom stalls configurations, the barn is equipped with fans and a misting system throughout; temperatures never rise above the mid 80’s inside the barn. The facility also features rubber floor in stalls, fly control system, and ample wash down and work areas for horses. The barn is equipped with a filtered water system, all water and feed buckets are switched out, cleaned and disinfected on a daily basis.

Whether its day or night, our professional staff makes numerous rounds 24 hours a day monitoring your horses’ health, treatment, and comfort ability. We offer our clients an air conditioned lounge area with all the comforts of home. Dr Peter Alvarez, our staff Vet maintains an office at the barn assuring he is always around the barn on a daily basis. There is a designated USDA office at the facility assuring quick expeditious inspections on a daily basis.
It’s not often you can find 5 star quality and friendly professional service at an economic rate.

When quality and service count…you and your horses deserve the best!
That’s why there is only one: Thebas Farm, request it by name!


12401 SW 51 ST
Miami, Florida 33175
TEL: 305-381-0222
FAX: 305-381-0221

Tony Alessandrini
24 Hour Telephone: 786-412-0217
NEXTEL Direct Connect: 158*69*20183
Email: tony@thebasfarm.com


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